Join the Movement: Giving Tuesday 2018

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What is Giving Tuesday? It’s not just a day to give philanthropically after doing some serious shopping (Black Friday and Cyber Monday, anyone?). It’s a movement. And it’s growing.

When Giving Tuesday launched in 2012, $12 million was raised for nonprofit organizations.
Last year? 
Giving Tuesday brought in over $274 million.

On Giving Tuesday 2015, almost 700,000 people made gifts.
Last year?
There were 2.4 million gifts made that day.

Imagine what this year could bring.

So how do you participate? To start, make a pledge that you will kick-off the holiday season by making a charitable gift to support a cause you care about on November 27th. We hope you’ll consider Books for Kids!

Giving Tuesday generated over 1 million mentions on social media in 2017. Let your friends and family in on the secret using the popular hashtags: #GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesday2018. You can also support organizations by using their campaign-specific hashtags. This year Books for Kids is using #GiftOfLiteracy to promote our efforts, and the many efforts of our partners across the country, to elevate early-childhood education and lay a solid foundation for literacy for every child.

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Want to make it more personal? Let people know why you’re giving using the hashtag #MyGivingStory. Or share your generous spirit with the world by posting an #UNselfie after you make a gift.

Giving Tuesday is also a great time to plan your giving strategies and priorities for the year ahead.

Is there a local organization that could use extra hands?

Can you offer pro-bono work to support an organization doing important work that matters to you?

Consider committing to a monthly gift for 2019 that you kick-off on Giving Tuesday this year. Monthly gifts and other consistent funds are vital to organizations as they carry out their missions.

We’re looking forward to standing with you this Giving Tuesday as you commit to making the world a better place for all. Convinced? Head to our CAMPAIGN PAGE.

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Stats provided by Whole Whale.

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