The 2018 Angel Compass Gala in Support of Books for Kids + Spotlight on President and Founder, Jeff Buffum!

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This Monday, November 5, 2018 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Angel Compass, an NPO network for charities, will be hosting their Annual Fundraising Event in support of us, Books For Kids, and honoring Ron and Steve Sussman! 

Angel Compass makes sure donations make an impact locally by doing the research to find well-vetted, NYC based charities supporting children. Books For Kids is so appreciative to be their chosen charity this year.

Please join the Angel Compass Network and Books For Kids in making November 5th a tremendous success, bringing together close friends and colleagues to have fun and raise funds for our local children in need. 

Tickets are $125 – in advance and $150 at the door. If you’d like to bring 3 or more friends, sponsorship opportunities are available with added benefits! Proceeds will be donated towards the impactful mission we serve here at Books For Kids.
Below is a little insight on Angel Compass’ President and Founder, Jeff Buffum and his connection to Books for Kids and on the valuable mission Angel Compass seeks to serve. 


Angel Compass is dedicated to serving New York City youth. Did you grow up in New York City? What do you see as some of the most pressing needs that need to be addressed at the local level?

Although I didn’t grow up in New York City, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about the organizations here that make such a large impact in our local community. Our Board and I all feel that helping children here locally in New York City is what can make an impact for generations to come. One day or one gift or one moment in a child’s life can change their trajectory forever, and we hope to be a part of that change. Angel Compass has benefitted 9 local, children’s based charities thus far, all focused among children’s health, children’s education and supporting homeless children here in New York City.

What connects you so deeply to Books for Kids’ mission, and what made you decide to choose us as the recipient of your support this year?

What’s amazing about Books for Kids is how well run they are as an organization. Angel Compass spends a tremendous amount of time researching and vetting new charities to support, where it’s important that the funds are donated towards well-run, high impact, efficiently funded non-profit organizations that benefit children here in the local community. It’s important that any charity Angel Compass benefits has 80% or more of their funding going towards programs. Books for Kids has a strong board, a motivated team and great leadership from the top. It’s ultimately the increase in school attendance and literacy that our Board at Angel Compass is most passionate about when supporting Books for Kids.

The Angel Compass model is a great way to turn networking events into opportunities to raise awareness and funds for local nonprofit organizations. What gave you the idea?

When I got started with my wealth management business 10 years ago, I attended many networking events to meet new people, most of which were involved in real estate or finance industries. I soon started hosting my own real estate networking events, but realized it really wasn’t different and it wasn’t making an impact in the local community. With the help of my board members and advisors, I ultimately decided to spearhead creating Angel Compass as an official 501c3, combining the business aspect of events with the charitable aspect of giving back to the local community. I feel it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved. It’s a win for the charity because they get access to new donors, awareness and funds raised. It’s a win for the business professionals because they bring their clients, colleagues or employees to our events to generate more philanthropic culture and more business. And it’s a win for the attendees because they all get to meet great people who are like-minded, generous, have high integrity and may be able to do business with one another. We’re also very focused on building out our website, which we ultimately want to be a platform for others to host charity events and, therefore, create a market for the charity event planning community.

If you could give any advice to other companies who want to make corporate philanthropy part of their regular operations, what would you tell them?

The first thing we, at Angel Compass, want to do is make it easy, fun and worthwhile for people, professional organizations and companies to host their own charity events. The easiest way to do that is to take an already planned event, or easily planned event, and turn it into a fundraiser. That can be something as easy as a happy hour, a cocktail party, run/walk, poker event, wine/food tasting or other fun, social experience. Angel Compass would ultimately like to be the means for helping companies host their own charity events by having a pre-designated list of vendors, locations and ideas for hosting charity events. Then, the next important step is to promote the event on social media, email, any PR and word of mouth through a team effort. The money raised is often in direct proportion to the amount of people involved in the promotional and organizational efforts. The more people involved, generally the more funds that are raised.

What’s a book you remember loving from childhood?

At one point I had all the Berenstain Bears books memorized. I also loved (but was scared to read) Goosebumps.

What’s a book you read recently for fun that you really enjoyed?

Two great books I’ve loved reading are “Good to Great” and “The Tipping Point.” I’m a total nerd when it comes to this stuff and want to learn all about it.

Feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues, friends and family.
We surely hope to see you and yours on Monday November 5! 
The BFK Team

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